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beanie sigel

"The Solution" (2007)

All The Above Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. R. Kelly)

We run everything
We run the streets, the radio, and the club
All of the above

[Beanie Sigel (R. Kelly):]
Yes, yes! (All the above)
Uhh (ohh-oh-ohh, all the above)
Uhh, uhh (ohh-oh-ohh)

[Beanie Sigel:]
Yeah, Mr. Him F'Real is here
Curbside by Atlanta, got a mill' out there
Billionaires Boys Club, can't chill in here
Gold bottles of that bubb', y'all spillin beer
The boy only pour on that ace of spades
Forbes Magazine homes - soon to grace the page
I pull 7 digits clean - soon as I grace the stage
I done caught up with the paper; y'all chasin change
Man I'm runnin up Broad Street, in and out of lanes
With the top down screamin out - you niggaz know the sayin
C'mon, you niggaz know my name
It's the bully with the bucks, ain't a damn thing changed

[Chorus: R. Kelly (Beans)]
I'm hood, I'm street
Still standin in the middle of the beat (Mac!)
I'm a mack, I'm a thug
I'm a pimp I does all the above
On the low I'm in the fastest whip
And in the spot I'm with the baddest chick - all the above
Up in the club got these niggaz pissed
We got bottles and a pound of twist - all the above
WE BUY OUT THE BAR~! And all night puff on cigars
We get so much love, and all of the above

[Beanie Sigel:]
Yeah, Mr. Beat The Case is back
Got acquitted, stitch fitted in that gangster hat
Now I'm back, sick with it with this gangster rap
Let's get it, where my gangsters at? Make noise
And I ain't never been no fraud, no nah that's not in my rapport
Never fronted on my boys for no whore
I ain't never been no bitch, nor never lied on my dick
Y'all niggaz still dyin for these whores
I ain't never been no - snitch, never been no - rat
Never shot a nigga in his back
I always put the drama to his face
I ain't never pull my strap and ain't clap
Got my case, did my time, now I'm BACK~!


[R. Kelly:]
Up in the club still poppin the Cris'
Still back it up whenever I talk shit
Man I'm worth about a billion but I'm still hood rich
Still hoppin out the whip with a hot-ass chick
Still rockin the chain, they still knowin my name
It's Kels, that's right bitch, I'm still in the game
Still walk through the hood like I'm holdin that thang
Still limp through the club like I'm holdin that cane
It's two fingers for a rock star, middle for a bitch
Come in by self and leave out with'cha chick
Beanie Sigel got my back if we run into a snitch
And Kels got his back if he ever need a hit
From the tour, to the block
We keep risin, to the top
From the club to the parking lot
We 'bout to show the haters what we go so LET'S GO!

[scratched:] "Sigel was the name that they gave me"
[Jay-Z:] "Allow me to reintroduce myself"

[Beanie Sigel:]
It's the Broad Street Bully I'm number one
Five-oh said FREEZE when I had the gun
But I don't stop for the law, pushed the pedal to the floor
Rock star nigga, heavy metal on the drawer
Because my life is, how I mic this
Police wan' see my license
Run my social, check my gov', search my glove
Keep they hand on they toast when they approach this thug
Cause I'm a hoodlum, a monster, Bad Boy, a goodfella
Gangster and a thug - yes I'm all the above!


'Bout That (Let Me Know) Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

How does it feel (MAC) bein next to you
I wanna know how, just let me knowwww-know-know-know

[Beanie Sigel:]
I got them diamonds on my neck, I'm so icey
I think they like Sig', in them white tees
Them SB jeans, sneaks is me
Burnt green with the camouflage print
Fake Willies wanna know what's the damage I spent
On that new V-Twizzy, grown man with no fence
Roughly the cost about three bricks off
Cooked up then bagged in trays - have a nice day!
I'm in my bag and I'm havin it my way
Sick of the floss, sick of cars, you niggaz car-sick
Sick of seein Sig' in them large whips
No plates and offended, temp plates in the window
Oh my God! If you could see the garage I back intah
Niggaz grind all summer then be crack in the wintah
I'm never cracked, one number I'm back in yah
YESSSS~! It's always Mac, nigga the top spender
Just check your boy out in all his splendor
How I grind in the winter, cop up in the spring
Wait for the summer to show off my new things
And in the fall, I do just that - I fall back!
And listen to the rumors on how I'm all that
You see this shit? Boy I copped all that!
Yes, I can cover the bet, as you should
However do you want it just drop it's all good

Money, cars, cash, clothes
Beans says if you 'bout that shit then let me know
If you 'bout that shit then let me know
If you 'bout that shit then let me know
Money, cars, cash, clothes
Baby girl if you 'bout that shit then let me know
If you 'bout that shit then let me know
If you 'bout that shit then let me know

[Beanie Sigel:]
I done turned more blocks into Rubik's Cube
Your boy, let off shots from that newest tool
Then I skate on cops in that newest cruise
I'm rich boy, ahh looka here
Blow up icey and rich but your jewels ain't lookin clear
I show you lil' dudes how to cook a square
And how to grind it to the limit when you push it yeah
You don't want it with Sig', I pull your card out
You ain't got no bitches now bring them broads out
We can go chip for chip, I pull some large out
Or go whip for whip, I bring them cars out
Bring the Benz out, bring the Aston-Mart' out
Porsche Box' or the drop top Ferrar' out
Bring the old school six-fours out
'Til the four doors out, Cool & Dre, bring the chorus out


[Beanie Sigel:]
Uhh, however do you want it bitch I ain't stutter
You fuckin with that dude, man I lay 'em gutted
That nigga 'dere pop
And I done lost more work in a pot than y'all ever copped
Right cat, wrong litter box
And I don't window shop, and I don't lease I just pick and cop
I got the title to the shit I got
You need that work, I'm on the boat by the river dock
I put you niggaz in a triple threat soon as I hit The Roc
Niggaz claim they ballin but can't hit the shot
Yeah I'm flagrant, this ain't your game kid
Stay in your lane or get your shit blocked, how you want it?


[Beanie Sigel:]
However do you [x2]
Gangsters, pop that shit, and let me know, uhh...

Shake It For Me Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Diddy, Ghostface Killah & Peedi Peedi)

[Chorus: Diddy]
Pass another shot of that Patron
Shorty I'm goin, why chu goin with me
After this, tonight I'm goin home
You wanna come, shorty come with me
Now I wanna see you get your hands up
Shorty wanna shake it for me
Ladies if you with me, get your hands up
Shake it, shake it, shake it for me

[Beanie Sigel:]
Lil nasty bitch
Cute face, slim waist, nice ass & tits
It's a damm shame that lil sweet thang ain't nothin but a freak thang
"In Love With A Stripper" like T-Pain
Er' weekday, up in the club like Lis' Raye
Makin niggaz make it rain like Lil Wayne
Boy, mami tottsie rollin that pole
I ain't Peedi Peedi baby, I just know what I know
Call me Iceberg baby, Pimpin Ken on a stroll
Got the right one baby, wouldn't give you a cold
No, but I could give you the coat
Pimps up, hoes down, bank roll all froze
Mack keep em looking pretty, but won't give em no dough
Uncle Diddy run the city, butch you ain't know?
Now let that thang bounce, drop slow
And show out your outsides, you know how it go, oh


[Peedi Crakk:]
I'm at my maximum, I'm fully loaded
Baby girl c'mon, roll with it
Don't be askin them if I'm gon bomb
Like the atom or the a-tom, just order the dom
B Mack and them, you better know it
Nab hoes, after the show, she gon show it
That hoe, I told you she gon do it
The loads is full, she let me smash in the Buick
I'm comin for clothes, these hoes, we gon through it
Pull out my gat, she though I was gon shoot her
Mr. P Crakk Cocaine, I got rulers
My mind in the gutter, and my heart in the sewer
I kick a bitch to the curb, I keep it movin
Married to the game, I love my money and my music
Half Puerto Rican and black, they think I'm Jewish
I don't give em shit, and they keep comin back to it


[Ghostface Killah:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Now come and sit yo big ass down
Right here on daddy legs, now hush, take a sip of the brown
Lap dance on it, leave a white stain on my Levis
This the twat team, I'm a show you how we ride
Through a lasso over your hips, rustle your mean theighs
You bow-legged too? I'm a hit it from all sides
Uh huh, we brought the bar, you bought the bar
Beans got the big lighter out, waiting to spark
Word up, dancefloors, noise, asses shaking
And she winding that body like she got Jamaican
Asains, sistas, blacks, bad caucasions
Get em all Goosed up, then I persuade them
To bounce to the c-r-I-b
Shorty to young, sorry, gotta chill in the lobby
It's the penthouse, big couch, get digged out
You bring your lil male friends, I get kicked out


I'm In Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

[Beanie Sigel:]
Once she grin, I'm in, game begin
Man I met this bitch one time
I mean man this chick so fine
I just had to fuck this bitch one time
I caught her at the mall goin shoppin
Shorty had six bags, strugglin and still coppin
Cute face, slim waist, body proper
Hair fell short to her shoulders, I had to stop her
Shheeit, I had to add that to the roster
And me leavin without that there was not a option
Excuse me miss, please take no offense
But I'm shoppin for a ladyfriend about your size
I saw somethin that could be a 4, if you could try that on
Shit, I could peep the fit before I buy it for her
She smiled, and tried it on with no problem
Stepped out lookin like The Next Top Model
DAMN! I told the salesclerk to give me two
And told ma for all your work, this one for you
You keep it~! That'll be our little secret
Now peep it, to make this long story shorter
I ain't get shorty name 'til the next morning

Once she grin, I'm in, game begin...
Once she grin, I'm in, game begin...

[Beanie Sigel:]
Once she grin, I'm in, game begin
Man you know that chick that time
I said I had to stick that time
I fucked the bitch about six times
Now she on my phone every hour
Cussin out her man, talkin 'bout he a coward
Bitch please, she said that I'm all that she need
Indeed, I showed her that I was built for speed
I'm heavy, somethin like a '55 Chevy
And they don't make my class no more, I'm quite sure
I'm somethin she never had before, I'm that boy
Cause once they grin, I'm in, game begin!
Y'all dudes spit that same lame to them
Please~! You niggaz ain't nothin like Sig'
Man I run through these chickens like fresh white tees
Keep 'em in check like fresh Nikes
And once again, when they grin, I run 'em in

Once they grin, I'm in, game begin - uhh!
Once they grin, I'm in, game begin - uhh!
Soon as he buy that wine I just creep up from behind
Once they grin, I'm in, game begin

[Beanie Sigel:]
I'm the master, I'm somethin like a pussy conniseur
Faggot! You somethin like a pussy kind of whore
Chit-chattin at bitches, yip-yappin with niggaz
About this and that, how your chips be stacked
I keep a bitch on her BACK! Put her face in the pillow
You give a bitch all your TRAP! Keep your face in the middle
Of her puss, while her mouth full of Cupids
You useless! I abuse 'em then I lose 'em
I'm +Ruthless+, but nothin like Eazy
I keep a pocket full of Magnums, believe me
I keep these whores chasin
Short money, long conversation, they gets nathan
You know the rules, a whore gets none
Hard dick and bubblegum
And I just chewed my last stick is where I'm comin from

Once they grin, I'm in, game begin - uhh!
Once they grin, I'm in, game begin - uhh!
Soon as he buy that wine I just creep up from behind
Once they grin, I'm in, game begin

H.H.E.H. Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

Ay Lo, run to the fridge and pop that other bottle of Cris' homey
I'm off the weed but I'm back on my juice nigga
Pour me up an ounce and a couple of th epurps

[Beanie Sigel:]
As I skate through the city in that black cuatro
You fake Willies frontin like you got dough until I prove 'em it's not so
I shine like a brand new penny from that Franklin Mint
That black Masi', it don't make no cents/sense
But to drive and make dollars, your pockets flat like tires
Your money still ALL SLOW like new drivers
I pop more than the collar
You niggaz poppin cheap-ass bottles of Moet
That bullshit Chandon, that little chick on your arm be long gone
When she recognize a real don
I'm in the club in the cut sippin on aged grapes
Laughin at them brolic car thieves, in their slim-ass jeans and Bath' Apes
Lookin half gay, halfway out of the closet
You don't believe me, nigga ask Sway
What the fuck is that? You niggaz need to be slapped
Whoever co-signed bein a sucker wasn't stacked

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

[Beanie Sigel:]
Uhh, sit back, relax, let's rap for taste
Track 10 from the fits, peep my old head face
You see if real niggaz respect it, the squares gon' rep it
I'm guessin, that's why this bullshit keep progressin
But I ain't stressin, nigga class in session
I'm here to teach you a lesson like KRS'n
"Criminal, Minded, you've been blinded"
Lookin for a nigga like Sig', you won't find it
I'm a dinosaur~! You niggaz more like
What I look for in a whore, heh, PUSSY!
Nuttin more, nuttin less, I'm nuttin to second guess
I'm him, point blank period, the end
When I'm long gone, they gon' dig up my bones
And study my poems and learn I was MORE than the gun in the song
Even though I spit a gat
Quicker than I spit a rap, now go 'head sonny, run along

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

[Beanie Sigel:]
Now when that sizzurp in my system, ain't no tellin
Will I bust that four-fifth and, catch another felon'
I'm a thug by blood, not just off drugs
Even though I love, that purple mug
UHH, drunk off syrup, perks and zanees
Spit a word make a bird lose her skirt and her panties (and them panties)
I know it's been a while, since I left a stain on your brain
Gave you some game that you can gain from
I'm here to end it now
Break the cycle of that bullshit same ol' same, that these lames run
It's a shame it's they names where they came from
These niggaz fly-by-nights, they couldn't fly my kite
Tie my shoes, lace my boots
They money run short, they couldn't chase my loot
Paper small like Coupes, I'm that Sport sittin butter soft
He nothin but a boss - who? Me - Sig', but of course

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

The Day Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)

[Verse 1:]
Hail Mary full of grace I got the devil in my head again, my eyes blood shot red again. I thought I
escaped this trap, but I'm back smokin on a surface purple plat. Satan whispers, got me back on
my dark liquor, that fire water killin my liver, the snake hisses in my ear it's a natural born fear,
kill'em all full of tears? Is my mind playin tricks on me is that man in dat trench coat after me, I wake
up with my sheet soaked half a sleep, hearin 2pac's voice screamin blasphemy sayin come with
me c run quick c? Then I hear the voice of B.I.G., dyin ain't the shit but it's pleasent kinda quite
but I don't buy it.

[Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne]
Day of Judgement God Is calling
Underneath the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for the sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings...
Oh Lord Yeah

[Verse 2:]
Trapped in the Dunya, straying from the path of the Sunnah, poor attendnce, often absent from Jummah, 5 prayers are declared but I barely get 2 in, fornicating with these kaffirs my life is a ruins, it's hard to
fight back tears when I'm in tune with my music, banned from the stairs from the occupation I'm choosin, cos I'm a muslim by nature a gangster by circumstance some sayin the workin man don't stand a chance,
and I'm a man & I ain't perfect but that's a poor excuse It ain't workin, a man once complained he
ain't have no shoes 'til he once met a man who ain't have no feet. They say prayer's better than
sleep the earth shall belong to the meek I try to be mindful in speech, knowing everything's
written and the clock is still ticking therefore I just pray that I'm prepared for... the day


[Verse 3:]
Our Father please show me the light my life ain't right, the devil got my head in a vice I can't
escape him he keep chasin, in the name of the most patient I rebuke thee satan, causin trials and
tribulations tryin to test my faith bringing strife to my life with your whirling temptation let's say a prayer for the souls that lost in the matrix, who ever eat of the fruit should forever dwell in the lake, as I walk through the valley I shall show no fear, forever dwell in the house as the hour torwards
near & as you call a long song I shall shed no tear but rejoice in your words cause the truth is
clear. They buildin up then they tearin down, revelations in effect here & now, I was terrified of
death but I don't fear it now, I was blind, dumb & deaf but I hear it now do you hear me now... Good.


Rain (Bridge) Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Scarface & Raheem DeVaughn)

When the clouds turn gray behind sunstage, you got to experience the storms like me in the... Rain, bay don't worry if it... Rains, To experience joy you got to feel a bit of pain, holmes things goin get better tell me can you stand a little bit of... Rain, I be your bridge when it... Rains.
[Raheem:] I'll be your bridge.
[Beanie:] I'll be your bridge. [Repeated Several Times]
So you can... Take Cover.

They say lightning don't strike in the same place twice, well my man he doin life for the same case twice, chance for the pill thinner than a 10th speed wheel? What can I do but pray for em & keep things real, when the world start to neglect ya, & ya calls don't get accepted & the work you put in for years get disrespected, ya baby mama reckless out there fucking them niggas & ya brother comin short with them digits you can count on my visits, I take you round the world in my pictures, I seen you on tour with some bitches, you my nigga, if ever you need that shoulder soldier I understand cry your river I'll be your bridge to dry land my man.


I been down some bad hands some niggas will probably fold, shits been cold another story left untold, from a kid to a nigga grown life goes on but I won't shed tears nigga life goes on, seen blood shed for nothing they came trough buzzin when it struck em we charged to the game like fuck it, now get back ya bitches? When we hit we relentless, with murderers intent I attack you defenseless It's senseless, I've been prayin for better days when in the cold dog, world like this you let it stray? By the money, the bitches the flushed out 6's the sickness that came from me killin my mamas son kept?, my mama, my brother he had a gun I got a witness & that's how I was taught to handle business, them burnin bridges in my path like the night while the rain drops fall from the sky like It's ice.


I Got... ? My man he hold that, & that's the life of my blood you my homie from way back, from the age of yay high you was in grace to show? from the kitchen to the block we used to get that loot so if you need to call me you know what it is, I've always been a soldier so I'll be your bridge, If the drought should come well I'm goin front ya, any day of the winter any thirsty summer, I'll be your bridge.


Dear Self (Can I Talk To You) Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. James Blunt)

[Chorus x2: James Blunt]
And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.

Dear self, can I talk to you,
I been trying to have this conversation for years but you won't listen,
Damn, are you that plain ignorant? your so indignant,
Please come off that high chair your sitting in,
Before you snatched from it, or strapped to it,
Ya body used as a conduit, a thousand volts flow through you,
Ya life gone over something foolish,
Talking to you is so useless,
Ya head harder than them walls you'll be housed in soon,
Before ya body's embalmed and you lie in tomb,
Open ya ears, eyes and heart, cause that hour's soon,
And the hour shall cometh, when Ish Rahzel blows his trumpets,
The sky shall crack, the stars will plummet,
The sun will rise in the West you'll drown in your own sweat
And when that day shall be, I'll bet I'll see no bravery.


Dear self can I talk to you?
Dear self can I talk to you?

Who are you to lecture me? You question me about my life and the choices I made?,
How dare you to place me in an early grave? (whoa)
Why you gotta talk to me in that fashion?,
You bury me face down with an open casket, this whole world can kiss mine,
Tell me what this life got to offer him...
A crooked preacher and a church alter?,
A short speech and a long offering?,
A deep grave and a short coffin?
Oh I get it... you Righteous now (haha)... well let the truth be told,
You done smoke every blunt I rolled,
You done drove every car I stole,
Cooked up every crack I sold,
You done slept with every trick I laid,
Collected off every bet I made... [laughs]
But I guess you done found Christ... I ain't know he was missin (Whoa)
Watch your Blasphemy,
Man I ain't asked to be,
Just let me live my life,
Now hold on - No you listen,
You was there on every decision,
Whether it was right or wrong,
And now you trying to right my wrongs,
You got some nerve - you even give me the words I write in this song,
You see... my vision's much clearer,
It's not me but it's you that I see when I look in the mirror
And you call yourself saving me?,
But it's through your eyes that I see... No bravery.


"The B. Coming" (2005)

Feel It In The Air Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Melissa JimĂ©nez)

My Spider senses is tinglin
Feel somethin, got my radars up

[Verse 1]
Somethin goin on, i feel funny cant tell me nuttin different
My nose twitchin
Intuition settin in like STI visio
I still close my eyes, i still see visions
Still hear that voice in tha back of my mind
So what i do? i still take heathe, i still listen
I still paint that perfect picture,
I still shine bright like a prism
My words still skippin - thru air
I know you cant, dont, wont get it
You n*ggas chose to ride that ship, sunk wit it
Im still afloat, i aint tha captain of tha yact but im on a boat
I aint actin what im not
Knowin that i dont, you n*ggas actin like you will but i know you wont, you wont
I read between tha lines of ya eyes to ya brows
Ya handshake aint matchin ya smile
Ill holla, you n*ggas foul

I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air
I can hear it in your voice
I can feel it in tha air

[Verse 2]
I sit alone in my 4 cornered room starin at hammers
Ready to go banannas
2 vests on me, 2 techs, extra clips on me
I know my mind aint playin tricks on me
I aint skitz hommie
Aint no body drop a nick on me
Its like they tryna plot a set on me
I hear this voice in tha back of my mind like mack tighten up ya circle
Before they hurt you
Read they body language
85% communication non-verbal, 85% swear they know you
10% you know they story, man tha other 5... time'll show you, just know you
Then pull they strings, you tha puppet master
**** them other bastards
Man watch who you puffin after
Play ya cards, go against all odds
Shoot for tha moon if you miss, you still amongst those stars

I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air (i aint scared n*gga i aint goin no where)
I can hear it in your voice (can you feel me?)
I can feel it in tha air (can you feel me?)

[Verse 3]
Can you feel it, can you feel it floatin?
Without picture quotin, scriptures from revalation
Talk **** and got tha devil waitin
Body get stiff, so levitate
Why do i speak blasphemy?
Knowin one day that he'll ask for me
Ask for my sins
No one'll feel his wrath for me
I go thru it, so you wouldnt do it...after me
As for me
Im still circlin tha block before im parkin
Not bitchin, im just still cautious
Same black parka, same uzzi, extra clips, still clappin wit that same larkin
Damn, i feel it in tha air, you not sincere
N*gga it aint an us, or we, or ima thing
Its a good/bad karma thing
This a song man the honest sing
I swear i feel somethin honestly

I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air
I can feel it in tha air
I can hear it in your voice
I can feel it in tha air

I Can't Go On This Way Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Freeway & Young Chris)

[Beanie Sigel talking]
Honor (honor), trust (trust), respect (respect)
Devotion (devotion), friendship (friendship), loyalty
(loyalty), karma (karma), team (team), us (us), roc
(roc), silence (silence), the 'eagle, bang
I can't go on this way [sung overlapping last line]

[Beanie Sigel]
With no union, and no benefits no dental plans
I can't eat off no hundred grams
I got cavities that need fillin'
You can't feed a nigga peanut chews
Now put your feet up in a nigga shoes
A lack of green'll give a nigga blues
A sip of purple make a nigga rue
Nigga drunk person speak a sober tune
{I can't do on this way} - [sung overlapping last line]
(Fuck that, I can't do it man)
We make these tips off dis gift that we cursed with
But then my mind drift, am I defeatin' the purpose?
Could you feel like shit when you miss yourself first? Shit
But who gonna pay the bills? Supply the mills? No surplus
My baby mama give me drama on the daily
Like she, makin' it barely and my kids is eating rarely
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed out gonna the what I can't do it)
If you put puppies in the oven, do that make 'em biscuits?
Put hungry dogs in the kitchen, will they eat the kittens
Do you hear me or you listenin'? There's a big difference
Do you catch the lines and the hooks or are you still fishin'?
There's a couple questions that I need to be answered
Like, is they backwoods and weed givin' me cancer
{I can't do on this way}
(I'm stressed out gonna do what I can't do it)
My momma say I got a nerve stress
Got her waking up in cold sweats
I'm hard-headed and iron
What make it worse my little brother behind me
Blood pressure running like Harriet
She can't handle it
I got her screaming Lord Jesus like Mahalia
Son I'm telling your please don't let me bury your
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed man, I'm goin through it)
I was taught trust in Allah but still tie up your camel
Use your tongue as your sword and your books as your ammo
But when them bullets start flying and you got pussies around you
And who you rely on, got them niggas surround you? Shit
And make me feel like young Tinner, from the start I was finished
How niggas start with a finish and begin with a endin'
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed out, I can't take it no more)
I'm moving ass backwards with no forward progress
Feel asthmatic like kept mills keep jogging [heavy breathing]
Stagnant, running in place is tragic
My heart in the faith I don't practice
I still pray, Allah will forgive me for my actions
'cause I spit gangster think Muslim and act Kaffir
{I can't go on this way}
(I gotta still feel feed my youngness, so keep hugging)

I can't wait until the rain turn to sunshine
'cause I hate to spend my life, my life, my life, my life
Stuck in one time, Free pat-rol the block
Get avoided by the government avoid the spent
Can't wait till rain turn to sunshine
'cause I hate to spend my life, my life, my life, my life
Stuck in the box
{I can't go on this way}
[Young Chris:] (I feel you big homie, young gunner)

[Young Chris]
Straight from the ghetto to ghetto
I'm from the youngers be the ghettoist ones
Tryna make just as much as we could
Tryna make it but they gonna make it hard as much as they could
That's why, that's why
That's why I hate 'em man they crackers ain't nothing without paper
They look at us it's nothing
{I can't go on this way}
(Came too far and I ain't goin backwoods for nothing)
I ain't being distracted by nothing
Midget-size to Dikembe, I ain't back up from nothing
Ma I'm still stressing
It ain't the kid it's the bills stressing, she hold it down on her own
She hold me down at the crib, hold me down while I'm gone
She hold me down as a kid, holds me down while I'm grown
{I can't do on this way}
(I choose not, refuse not, down on my own)
Now off the streets, running wit the hottest label in the label in the industry
The hottest label got a nigga 'lotta enemies
So now when I go in baseline
A nice-size ratchet to throw in waistline
I gotta make mine
My bills ain't getting paid in, kids ain't situated
(I can't go on this way)
(You all better make a decision before us)
(B. Sig) Cause the way that we living ain't all good
Ran away wit them hating ass niggas don't like us
Despite them, we gonna do it regardless
But all dis commotion they causing I ain't it wit
(We ain't wit it)
They can get it all it take is a column
My dogs'll be down if the rounds gotta unlit tho
{I can't go on this way}
(Someday gotta forget it tho
Consequences for my sentence gotta forgive us tho)
[Fades out]

One Shot Deal Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Redman)

[Beanie Sigel]
One shot deal, one shot one kill
Hit you with the one shot skill
Bullets lift you up like you poppin on the wheel
Feel I can't die when I'm poppin on the pill
So real that it feel, keep Cochran on my heels
Who rock the black and back out
Now the MAC back out, just bout to blackout
Got the ROC on my back, SP on my chain
Shooters on the block slinging P last name
Outta hot pink thangs like Camron Range
The cocaine cowboy at work
I put ya niggaz in the dirt for one like Dirt
Concealed hammer won't jam or won't chirp
Catch you on my second merk
Fresh outta jail, ice grill gat to smirk
Bitches on the waste can't serve 'em
ROC without Jay won't work?
Shit like we ain't here
Actin like SP ain't here
How ya'll niggaz can't see that clear? Clear?
Yeah, slow all the way down young scrapper
Pump ya brakes real fast, before ya crash
Crack ya head on the dash
I put ya body in a cast, keep my shotty on blast
Hard heads don't get the picture until they see the flash
You ain't ballin, you pump faking
Till you found in ya trunk naked
Four pound to ya crown like, "Where the paper?"
B. Sig, cold crook, I trap paper like notebook
When the hot water disappear like when coke cook
Then resurface, its Sig. Berk-owitz, bitch I'm sick
Leave that ass like Dama
Sig. heat that ass like sauna
Stretch ya body out like recliner
Stretch my middle finger to your honor
like, "Fuck the world", thats my persona, love drama
Drop a building like Osama, you vagina
I know you wish you never met me like Carl Thomas
Try to forget me like all silence
Fuckin with a vet be, all problems
I'm not about the threats B, I'm all promise
Before "The Truth", position in the booth
As a young scrap, I was vicious as a youth
Kept a gat moving pigeons in the Coupe
You was strapped, then positioned on the stoop
Stay strapped, put my pistol on shoot
Mac take ya "Juice" like Bishop on the roof
I had ya pissing in ya trunk like a roof
Bullets hit ya chest like a blunt rolled loose
I'm that corn liquor nigga, 100 proof
I bring the storm, all you niggaz lace ya boots
Better yet, pull out ya strings, make a noose
Hang yaself, here's a deuce deuce, bang yaself like Cheddar Bob
I'm in the hood like S-T-tall cat-Crooked Letter-I
S-P-C-O, nigga yes I

Yes I
[Beanie Sigel]
Matta fact
Yeah, Yeah
[Beanie Sigel]
Bring it back

Bring it back, me, Doc, America's blunted
Not from there, but I'm Philly Most Wanted
Drop and roll, when my biscuit boil
Talk is greasy, toungue with Crisco oil
Streets is mine, check my flow online
Bricks, two on the hip, reach for the sky
You and ya Burberry suit is buried alive
On top of the Empire, dare me to dive
[Weeeeeee] there I go, no parachute
Jackass like Knoxville, hot as Cancun
Chest hair is baboon, Redman rip the show
I be the raw in ya bitches nose
She be goin to the bathroom, sniffing blow
Like, "Oh Docta shit, my man a joke"
I know, I be strapped with a double 4-4
And a Slim Jim to open ya Cadillac door
In the Bricks you hear them guns
Any nigga get X'ed out like Tic-Tac-Toe
Any bitch that know, Redman goin the distance
We ain't tryin to get fucked for instance
When you bust baby, gon light the insence
Pass me the rag, hop back in the Jag
I stole out the showroom with the pricetag
I wrote this rhyme off 25 blunt drags
Hear that sound (whoosh), leave a block hunchback
Killa House, understand prick
We ain't gon stop till we "RICH BITCH"
Holla back, Redman, Beanie Sigel
Killa House

Gotta Have It Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Peedi Crack, Twista)

[Intro - Peedi Crack]
P., P. Crack Cocaine
B., B. Mack is back
Chad, Chad West on track

[Chorus 1 - Peedi Crack]
I Gotta Have It! Shot out to my b-boy Beans
And my S.P. chain gang, doin the damn thing
I Gotta Have It! Don't forget my boogie with beam
That keep me in good health and kill ya, ya'mean?

[Verse 1 - Peedi Crack]
Chain gang, gang bang, let my middle finger hang
Ain't nothin changed my name, P. Crack Cocaine (P. Crack Cocaine)
Relapse, I stay zapped, my urine ain't clean
No one to blame but Peedi and a nigga I mean (nigga I mean)
Ten stacks, Crack come to the club and do the thing
You ain't got that, I'm in the crib fixin my bricks
Style back, that's the method-zine
About to get your four stressed
So I can whip back on the whole sixteenth

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2 - Beanie Sigel]
B. Mack, seat back, S.P. intact
You see me with Crack, we strapped
What's the reason for that? (What's the reason for that?) (I Gotta Have It!)
I need that, that Philly-boy clap
Hit you niggas in your back, send the rest in your hat (send the rest in your hat)
Stay strapped with the mack, with the hoodie too tall stack
The aim all that, when I flame you get all that (you get all that)
Me Boy Mack fuck with cracks since tall cats (It's the chain gang!)
Gang bang! I suggest ya'll fall back

[Chorus 2 - Twista and Peedi Crack]
I Gotta Have It! Shot out to my boy B. Sige
And the S.P. chain gang for doin the damn thing
I Gotta Have It! Don't forget the rrring rrring
That keep me in good health and kill ya, ya'mean?

[Verse 3 - Peedi Crack]
Chain gang, lickey with the ban
Quickly spit it rrring
Sickey Rickey get his ziggy bang
Snitchin on the gang (gang)
Don't forget you get that Uncle Midi
Get him for his chain
Simply give him a chitty bang, sit him in a cling (cling)
No name, no blame, Mack 10 no aim
Hi-lo, rhino, put your body in pain
No play no games, 'fore blow your brain
Bo range me after the show, you know of course I Gotta Have my...

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 4 - Beanie Sigel]
State Prop click and pop hit you niggas with the glock
Catch a nigga whippin in the kitchen cookin in the pot
Pursue it then might crack you (smack you), hit him with the glock
(When you hear that!) Then you know here come the cops
What up, wait, stop, fuck the cops!
Got the baby uzi whop, turn your cruiser to a drop (cruiser to a drop)
Get off the block 'fore SWAT surround the spot
We be locked in a box, three hots and a cot (I can't have it!)

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 5 - Twista]
The may-or of Chi, this ain't even ain't no kings and queens
Fixin to hurt from us when you jerk us, we Merciless like Ming
Twista and Beanie greedy like Peedi make the gun go rrring
When you look at the thing, give me the bling
Hand me the chain and the ring
Baller in the bubble, blowin bubble, always actin up
When trouble feel the double barrell of a double platnium thug
Clappin, ready for some action, and I'm going to empty the crib
I rep for the Roc and the State Property clique
Homey, you can't do shit
Throw a finger up, give me love, Remi in the club
When they see these thug, in a circle, snort the 50s up
Range Rov, 24 inch, blacked out bulbs
Blows fast, but hit your ho slow with the soul pole
Creeping on niggas trying to test me in the black drop top
Pull up and let the booper go bop, bop-bop
Treat you, in the wind, to my borough, blowin on my back
And do the same to any nigga that's tryna take what I got
I Can't Have It!

[Outro - Peedi Crack]
It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kind of hectic
It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kind of hectic
It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kind of hectic
It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kind of hectic
Se pone, se pone, se pone muy dif­cil
Se pone, se pone, se pone muy dif­cil
Se pone, se pone, se pone muy dif­cil
Se pone, se pone, se pone muy dif­cil
Chain gang, gang bang
P., P., P., P. Crack Cocaine
B., B. Mack is back
Chad, Chad West on track
Now let's go!

Don't Stop Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Chorus - Snoop Dogg]

Ma! I think it's safe to say
You ain't seen a playa lay this way
Or playa game this way
Wit a attitude, like - and ya don't stop

Aficionado, so fashionable
Wit a confident swagger, international
Game so tight the girls had to go
And you don't stop!

[Verse - Beanie Sigel]
Hah! sicka than your average
Money too long can't stash it
In the closet or the mattress
Paper, stretch like elastic
Checks from advances, the bank can't cash it
So the price for that, never ask it
Just sign my name or pop plastic
Hating ass cops wanna harrass em
Searching for a glock in the pocket of his fashion
Bitches wit SP stitches on they asses
And they left breast (yes!)
Let's get dressed and toast to the occasion
Cops couldn't page em, flow so amazing, hot like cajun
You fucking wit the champ
Pop corks on champ' like I just took the chip
Nigga took the stand when he coulda took the 5th
Yeah eat a dick wit AIDs on the tip, keep my name off ya lips
Not guilty!


[Verse - Beanie Sigel]
I said I'm sicka than your average
Keep three shooters like the Mavericks
Short to the point like Nash is, fucking wit a savage
Niggaz press they luck, get bucked like ashes
Three piece suits, linen fabrics
Three quarter croc, sharper than a pastor
B Sig bring the light to the masses
Of these rap bastards, who gives street passes
One shooting can lead to three caskets
Jump suits, state boots, at least three stabbings
You softer than a Reebok Classic
Folding under pressure when confronted by them badges
I was taught stay low and keep blasting
Po only know questions that was answered
Keep a number on the high price lawyer
It's five ways now days, everybody saw ya


[Bridge - repeat 2x]
[SD] Now let's toast to the man, that when he get out
That he gon do them thangs that he rap about
A true playa Pha-real (Pharrell)
[BS] Haters stay out my face
And know that thing still by my waist

[Verse - Beanie Sigel]
Once again I'm sicker then 'em all
Niggaz see C's start shitting in they drawers
When I kick in the door, stop the blood clot crying
Wipe the piss off the floor
The ape is back, my gate is cracked
My jumpsuit and my cuffs is off
Yeah I'm back on them bricks
Raise your cups and raise your glass
And let's toast to the boy B Mack, yeah I'm back in the mix!


Purple Rain Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Bun B)

[Deep Voice]
Do Not Mix Wit Alcohol
It May Cause Drowsyness
Keep Out Of Reach Of Small Children

[Verse 1: Beanie Sigel]
I Roll It Back, Crack A Dutch, Have A Sizip
Get Introduced To This Drink That I Sizip
Pearlmethozine, Wit Codine? Thats My Twizist
It Might Lean U To The Left, Or Make U Izitch
The Pearl Meth Wit The Tuss Some Like The Mizix
Caught Into They Phsyics, & How They Wanna Dizip
Yo Becareful, It Aint Ya Ordinary Liquid
The First Time U Sip It, U Mite Get Addicted
Matter Of Fact, I Know Ur Gonna Get Addicted
Cause Its So Sweet.Life Liquid, Plus Its Good For Ur Sickness
I Used To Watch My Uncle Sip It
Goin Through Itz That. In My Grandmothers Kitchen
Head In His Lap, Grandmom Bitchin
Pocket Full Of Scrap, Plus Scratchin & Itchin
Back When They Sip Broma Smoked Cheeba
Took ??
This One Is For My Real Mug Mixers
Who Get Screwed Up, My Thick Juice Sippers
Shout Out, To My Man Lil Flip
Big Mo, Project Pat & The Whole 3 - 6
Yea I Know About Them Texas Boys
Who Keep A Liter In The Cup, & A Heater In The Tuck
Think The Xanax & The Endo Sack, Make Me Slack?
Cocktailed Or V'd Up, Gettin Swiss Cheesed Up

[Chorus : Rell]
Please Dont Blow My Highhhhhhhhh
(Blow My Highhhhh)
When Im Sippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
([Beanie:] Dont Blow My High
Trust Me U Dont Know My Life)
Nigga Dont Blow My Highhhh, Dont Blow My Highhhhhhh
When Im Tippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
I Know It Makes Em Crazy, It Keeps Me Lazy...

[Verse 2: Bun B]
When Back In 94 As Bruce Steel Had His Gate Up
He Called Me Over To His House & He Poured Me A 8 Up
I Asked Him What It Was He Said Bun Get Ya Weight Up
This Is Lean, Them White Folks Call It Pearlmethozine
Shit But We Gonna Probably Drink Dawg Cuz Thats What We Be Doin To It
Now Take This Big Red & Pour About A 2 Into It
I Did 2's & 8's, What The Fuck Is U Trippin On?
He Said Man Thats The Ounces Of Caugh Syrup That U Sippin On
So Shit I Poured It I Sipped It, Then I Sipped Some Mo
I Fired Up A Green Monster, & I Hit That House
Started Relaxin, Shit & To My Surprise
I Was Noddin Out Lookin At The Back Of My Eyes
They Tried To Wake Me Up But Shit I Just Kept Yawnin
I Fell Out Of My Chair & Woke Up There The Next Mornin
God Bless My Nigga, Cause Its Then I Been Spawned
On My White Muddy Go But Cant Taste A Seed At All

[Chorus : Rell]
Please Dont Blow My Highhhhhhhhh
(Blow My Highhhhh)
When Im Sippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
([Beanie:] Dont Blow My High
Trust Me U Dont Know My Life)
Nigga Dont Blow My Highhhh, Dont Blow My Highhhhhhh
When Im Tippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
I Know It Makes Em Crazy, It Keeps Me Lazy...

[Verse 3: Beanie Sigel & Bun B]
[Beanie:] I Roll It Back, Crack A Dutch, Have A Sizip
Get Introduced To This Leaf In My Spliziff
No Stems, No Seeds, No Stizzicks
The Ultimate, Expierence Like Jimmy Hendrix
I Like To Roll Up, Cowboy Tradition
Or Burn A Peace Pipe, & Cythe Like The Injins
Or Burn A Big Spliff, Bob Marley Stile
Buffalo Soldier, Rosta Farey Stile
Smokes On Pizurp
([Bun B:] We Sipz On Syzurp)
Get It By The 8, By The Pint
([Bun B:] Or By The Kizurp)
Some Might Take Ya High, Or A Down
([Bun B:] Or A Bizurp)
Whatever U Can Stand, Floats Ur Boat
([Bun B:] Makes Ya Twizurp)
Yes I Fucks Wit U If U Smoke On Green
([Bun B:] Or Sip On Lean)
Yea Whatever, Click Or Teen
([Bun B:] Strip For A Scene)
Nigga Burn A Spliff One Time
([Bun B:] Take Me & Swing Ya Big Body Benz & Ima Swing Mine)

[Chorus : Rell]
Please Dont Blow My Highhhhhhhhh
(Blow My Highhhhh)
When Im Sippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
([Beanie:] Dont Blow My High
Trust Me U Dont Know My Life)
Nigga Dont Blow My Highhhh, Dont Blow My Highhhhhhh
When Im Tippin That Purple Rainnnnnn
I Know It Makes Em Crazy, It Keeps Me Lazy...

[Bun B]
Dedicated To Real Syrup Sippers
Boys Wit Big White Cups
Man They Boin For Mayn Or 10 Years Plus

Oh Daddy Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Young Chris)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Oh daddy
You know you make me cry..
How can you love me?
I can't understand why..

[Beanie Sigel]
That's what they yellin when they grab me
Eyes are swellin, cryin, tryin to stab me
Once they realize they can't have me
When I leave 'em try to let 'em down easy like
I snatch your heart so easy like Valentine
Can't get caught up in that loop again
Never letting Cupid in
Boo you buggin ain't no time to be lovin
Man the grip on my pistol only thing I be huggin
It's mack daddy not your daddy mack
Bitch you got it criss-crossed (scrap)
I ain't havin that
I can't have your back
Look how you act when I had your back
Picture me havin that back to back
I pimp proper like shrimp-lobster
Check out my pimp-posture
Even my limp proper, mama
I can't help what's runnin down your face
I moved your ass into that furnished place
Like you earned that space


[Beanie Sigel]
God damn baby you had me
All the twirlies in the caddy used to take it back gladly
We was tighter than Tommy Buns and Keesha
You cleant my guns, count my ones, bagged the reefer
Shit I thought you was the one - you was my bitch
The one that never snitched
Taught you how to bust a fifth, shit
I taught you how to push a whip
Taught you how to suck a dick
Taught you how to fluff a brick
But you got more drama than a B-mama
Got me goin through the motions like C. Thomas
With the bullshit, he say she say
The bitch is mad cause my jams kick like Eastbay
Mad cause they mans got they kicks on replay
How you drop from celebrity status
Pushin Bent to niggaz in celebrity wagons
In them sucka type Jags
Now you fuckin type mad


[Young Chris]
Oh mommy its so sad
We had it together
You had it whenever
That's yo bad
You fucked up
It wasn't meant to be
You lucked up
Told me at the end don't trust her
See that's when all the bullshit started
That's what three me in reverse, counter-clockwise
In my mind I swore that we would work
But I guess that I was wrong
Ran into a dead end
Unfaithful bitch
You fucked the nigga I was blazin with
Fugazied shit
It wasn't him it was the paper shit
Nowadays its all about the latest shit
That or they
Or get paper from ball
Unless your label all that
And you labeled as stars
Makin the millions
Got them bitches willin to do
Whatever it takes
Takin it off or willin to screw
Whoever I bring
Guess it's a celebrity thing
But I was never ashamed
I was blessed with the game


Bread And Butter Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

[Some guy talking]
Ya know, you give a man a reason for living
Not to mention, you take my picture
Now baby, but I give it to you because I love you
Ya know cuz the things that I feel so proud about
The things that you do
Ya know, like runnin' my car into telephone poles
Plus (?) I didn't get mad did I?
Y-Y-y'member, 'member when
W-W-When I tried to take my clothes to the cleaners
and on the way out
My very best pinstripe caught a nail
I didn't get mad
I was proud because you thought, enough of your man
To be in such a hurry
It made me feel grand, yes it did
Uuh I need you, I just need you

[Verse 1]
You know I was you're bread you're butter
And I ain't talkin bout dat bread I fucked up on you
Cause in my head man I swore I lucked up
Wasn't countin all the butter I spreaded on you
So true now, why would I play you bitch I made you
I'm not talkin bout the things dat I gave you
Clothes wit the labels, I brought you round Hov and da label
Spring water while holdin you're age koo
Naw I ain't tryin to degrade you
But you was a lost little girl n you're world boo I saved you
Ya pop owe me a favor, I basically raised you
From squada to Bentley-whippin
Ain't have to watch Cribs to see how I was livin
Me, so blinded ain't see the Robin Givens in you
Huh, shoulda seen the Ginger in you
Tried to off Beans like raw steam? Go figure
Youu take my dough, spend wit the next nigga you crazy bitch?

[Chorus #1]
And dis was the one I trusted
Who would ever think she would spread like mustard
Bitch I was your bread and butter
You shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Ya know what?... Dis shit funny to me
It ain't nuttin but money to me
You lookin hungry to me
But I was your bread and butter
Bitch shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Verse 2]
You got the whole town laughin at me, silly he
Silly to see got me feelin silly like Denise like
Oh what could it be in you, I see
N dis young P-Y-T
She got me L-O-V, E-T-K-O'd
Uh, like Teddy P. whatever she say goes
But I'm, ready to (Turn Off The Lights)
Close the door, on my pretty young need I more
Now peep game wit 'em, need, I, more
Gimme dat, E thy or
No Beanie Mac don't play dat crap wit these whores
She want me missin her (in my room) like the OJ's homes
But I'm on to my zone like O.J. Jones
Beano brown, cancel dis bitch, I'll buy another one
It's my world you lil squirrel tryna get a nut bitch
Do you- what bitch? Lil smut bitch
Got you're name ringin, spreadin like mustard
And I'm supposed to trust it after he touched it?

[Chorus #2]
I told dat ass (slow down) like Puba
Now you're days are gray like the 4 pound Ruga
Bread and Butter, see I was you're bread and butter
F'laaay baby ya hips is gettin big
Now you gettin thin you don't care about you're whip
Cuz I was you're bread and butter
Shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Bridge being sung]
So proud, of you.. a'ye-ah
I gotta say it loud, yes I do, a'yeah (yeah yeah)
When you do (do) What you do (do)
How do you know, What you know
Aw, shame on you
I need you (oh oh)
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Verse 3 - Grand Puba]
Now you know I was you're bread and butter
You had a shot to be my baby mother
Ain't no sorry I ain't Rueben Studdard
I can't apologize, it's multi-platnimum time
Takin all my shit and sendin you back to you're moms cryin
So don't cry baby dry, ya eyes
You tried to get all greasy like you super-size fries
So, pack ya shit
Leave the whip
It's been nice but listen ma I gotta defrost ya ice
Dats rite

[Chorus #2]

Bread and Butter [4x]

[Mm Mm said repeatedly til fade to end]

Lord Have Mercy Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

I'm trying to climb the stairways to heaven like Led Zepplin
Find that polished treasure like Ellie Levert
I do my dirt so my kids see heaven on Earth
But the pain on my heart it weighs heavy it hurts
Hope you see my good intentions for whatever its worth
Through self conviction when I mention my intentions in verse
Like a preacher or a deacon when he's speaking in church
Know there's a lesson that I'm teaching If you seeking my verse
Like the shock of the hour be a grievous thing
Like the dropping of them towers man its plain to see
That them cowards can't sing the song believers sing
They rather march and hold hands like ML King
The nigga in me like Malcolm Little said
'All Means Necessary'
So by all means I'm armed and my weapons ready
I got my lessons ready
Hoping I learn them before I'm laid to rest and buried
Have mercy on me

[Chorus - sung]
Please have mercy on me
Oh Lord, please have mercy on me

Pressure bust pipes, pressure can also make a diamond
Pressure can bust a man wrestling with his conscience
His self-accusing spirit of his past
(But I know Allah's mercy is greater than his wrath)
So in that I not only pray for me I pray for he
My dear brother Robert help him with his problems
And the bumps and grinds
And the evil things and thoughts that run through his mind
Take a hand of my sister J. Blige
As I listen to her life go down watching her life spin round
On them records every track she singin prayer
Give her "No More Drama" let her "Rainy Days" be clear
Receiving signs from Osama that the days is near
When babies is baby mommas, man them days is here
And beings that them days is now
I pray that Allah have mercy when my day come round


[sung w/ ad libs]
We need your mercy, I need your mercy
For my soul, for my soul

[all together]
B-I-G, P-O, P-P-A
P-A-C, Left Eye, JMJ...
B-I-G, L, P-U-N
Eazy-E, Aaliyah, R.I.P.


Flatline Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Peedi Crack)

[Peedi Crack]
Uh Uh huh Uh Huh Uh
I'll box your fuckin' head off
Who gon' knock the kid off?
None of y'all which one of y'all come try me
I'll body little homeboy silence that sound boy
Come challenge me please I promise you a homi'
And I'm dipping in a bonnie' and I'm fresh out the county
And I just taught my mami how to shoot a lil' tool
So I hate for you to run up get one up in your stomach
That's one less bullet from my hundred shot UZ'
Put your finger in your gun shot wound
Run to spittle and tell 'em P Crack not COOL
He on that shit that 'ill make a dead man move
Stop train, airplanes fall dawg you gon' LOSE
I'm on my twist you on my list
I bring the wop out of the spot it's on like shit
That nigga crack back and imma pop off my blick
That nigga Mack back you need to hop off our dicks (BRAATT)

[Beanie Sigel]
Fresh out the federal cases I got several
About four or five just had to settle two
They said I try to show a nigga what the metal do
But didn't succeed the nigga still breath
Attempt please I would of hit him in his peas
With the Mac with the beam that got back in the breeze
Only clap from the neck up I'd let the heck-lar plug 'em
I don't think they made Kevlar scullys fuck it
I should of let the AR touch him cuffed him
To the bumper drug him two city blocks
The juice in me and the henny shot
Four perks' and a ?hitter ock?
You shoot first if you get the drop
Your deuce work if you hit the spot
Lose the nurse some one get the doc'
Remove his shirt his pressure drop
Check his vital sign his hemorrhaging finish him

[Hook - Beanie Sigel & Peedi Crack]
Load it up roll up BLAT boy flat boy (flatline)
Slow up all that rap 'ill get that boy clapped boy (flatline)
Oh no here we go another (flatline)
P crack B mack is back boy (flatline)
Get him up outta here rrring yea (rring yea)
Don't get plugged to that machine yea (machine yea)
Hold up he losing air (flatline)
Am I clear? (am I clear?) (Flatline) yea (flatline)

[Beanie Sigel]
B seig'll squeeze the eag' on you,
P crack let the Mack rrring on you
Paramedics breath over you
Machines gotta breath for you
Your faggot ass squad wouldn't bleed for you
Get flatlined I'm the wrong one
Short temper with a long gun
My blick longer that a W.I.C. line
Niggaz snitch when the law come
You better run when the boy come

[Peedi Crack]
P crack'll test his aim on you
B mack just bang on you
Flesh just hang on you
And I don't know what u been told
But when my Mac unload
I'm guaranteed to turn a nigga cold
Got ten shots for the present and the top
Risin' off Porsche eleven about seven stops
Get back on this gat I throw it for my pop
I'm not lying don't get your ass flatline



Tales Of A Hustler Pt.2 Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

[Beanie Sigel]
Court casin..
Third felony facin
No probation
My heart racin like a blunt lacin
Hennessy and malt liquor chasin
My gemstar scarrin niggaz faces
For a pound of trey eight and..
I throw bullets like Dallas Troy Aikman
The callous on my index stay achin
Niggaz stay hatin
Got me late night pacin
I'm tight boot lacin
Mask on like I'm Jason
Shoot up shit like Larry Davis
You play the pulpit like Pastor Mason
Turn cheek like Martin Luther
I'm like Oswald sharp-shootin
Got my eyes on my mark in the dark shootin
Beam illuminate the target movin
Get your organs ruined
Move out like SWAT move in
Got them niggaz on the back-block rootin
For the bad guy..
Playground legend like Sadait
P. Kirkland...My MP state workin
Shootin-arm stay jerkin
My Nextel stay chripin
Can't answer cause the feds lurkin
Its like we catchin cancer on purpose
Back to back chain smoking, nicotine feinin
Conversation with demons when I'm dreamin
Like the man upstairs tryin to pass me a lesson
But I can't catch it
The game under break the pressure
They miss my presence

[Chorus 2X: Sparks]
We still not promised tomorrow
Takin the bitter with the sweet up in these cold ass streets
We got lifestyles through our scars
We ride hard til our numbers get called
The lifestyle of a hustler...

I'm feelin like deaths in the air
Got me back to back buckin my squares
But I ain't bitchin I ain't scared
I ain't budgin, in fact the thrill alone turns me on
Got me smiling, laughin...Clutchin
My toast and confrontin mother fuckers
Cock-a-roaches will not catch me laughin
Skinny and slim fram y'all get it the same
Cool niggaz that'll spin out they waves
Grimey niggaz that'll spin to they graves
Justifyin my foul ways
I got kids to raise
But motherfuckers rather see me sprayed
Than to see me pair (fucker)
Or see me on the front page like Sig
Or stay rolled DC with B. Sig
You bitch niggaz stay PC when y'all see me
Until the day that they
Fit me in the grave and the city wreak of me
We got the city under siege
S-P or R-O-C
Poverty is a movie starrin me
Ride with no play the passenger seat
So y'all can see how my life so real
So y'all can see how my life so ill
(I came to chill..)


Tales of a hustler that's me in the flesh
Got a Jag and a Caddy sellin dimes of the step
Niggaz wanna take my block I had to earn my respect
So I put his cerebellum on his grandma's steps
You know Oschino he'll probly kill
Got the soul of Huey Newton nigga Bobby Seale
Nigga prolly take the stand he'll prolly squeal
But I got four lawyers I ain't takin the deal (Nigga)
We could strap without scrap or put the semi in it
Gun fully loaded like the Chrysler with the hemmy in it
I keep it ghetto like a 40 with the Henny in it
Went to school broke loafers on no pennies in it
Stood the coldest winter with the bummiest coat
Need food need shoes sold dummies of soap
Got tired of bein broke man life was a bitch
They bring you flowers when you dead but no soup while you sick
So I switched my whole picture get involved with the bricks
Not the ones made of semen but the ones who sniffs
Tales of hustler, niggaz come for your jugular
If you sell one bag to they mother fuckin customers
State P we got the city on smash
Got every boulevard every street every ave
Got sneakers got clothes nigga you do the math
Push to hustle but the point is just to stack that cash
Tales of a hustler....

Look At Me Now Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

If you could look at me now

[Beanie Sigel]
[Verse 1]
My hair was knotty then
Nose- snotty then
sweats, no pockets then
sweatin', no problems then
facts? Off the potty then
News? Watchin karate then...
Muddas playin double dutch,
she was hop-scotchin' then
Me- Girl watchin' then
Crooked little eye. (eye)
hump-back, tryna hump that
yes I (I)
Couldn't play because I'm poo
They thought I was mockin them
Said I was devilish
Been knew I was rotten then
Been dropped out,
neva really clockin' in
Been dropped out,
Neva really stoppin' in...
tryna lock me out
Tryna lock me in
Damn, Devilish one with Pellet-guns,
Grew from,
Sling-shotin' them, (uh)
To sling-shootin' them
Dice all day,
Kept hook shot-
Nice all day
Right hook fight
Nice all day
Nigga left for a night
To keep money Right all day
Break a night all day

If you could look at me now [x2]

[Beanie Sigel (background)]
If you could look at me now
Let me smoke with you young'in

[Verse 2]
Yo I was pop-lockin' -Then
Card-board boxin -Then
I was up the center
lockin' in
Robbin then
Started car-
Poppin' in
Skinny toots, Telly boots, Marley Park and El
Got in trouble with Passion
Was from parkin them-
Other Jacks, diffeferent sets
Started sparkin him-
I had the four-teen gauge,
My nigga Larken then
How it made front page,
-He caught a spark from them
He got gauged in his leg,
Still was walkin' then
8-toss, shook it off
Kept sparkin' them
All heads aint help,
-We had more heart then them
We squashed that war,
Got some wall,
-Stayed apart from them
Down in Iraq, they give me dap,
I'm takin' pounds from clowns,
You shake my hand like a grown man (grown man)
Ya aint see it like Tony and old man,
Mob-style ferreal,
This is my life-style ferreal.


[Beanie Sigel (background)]
If you could look at me now

[Verse 3]

...Now its big buisnesses,
You see them big bentley-skids
You see them Bee's on those shiny-ass
Rims of his,
You can't find him in the woods,
With his kids with his
Mob cookin breakfast with no S.W.A.T.
A good day this is.
You could bull-shit with rap if you want,
I pull the bull-shit to the back
And put rap in front.
Now I'm State-Prop flickin' it
State-Prop stitchin' it.
I'm paper soldier yall,
Your boy gettin' rich

I see a kids hair -knotty now..
They nose -snotty now
So what I do,
I try to turn they frown around
I make 'em smile a day
If only for a -while a day
I give them dollar-day
That's my ghetto -holliday
I must say for myself
I'm feelin proud today,
My life is shaped
Like I run about a mile a day
I dedicate this to the one's that
counted me out
And looked at me down
Just look at me now.

I know yall see me
Look at me now man
I'm killin this shit
Sheed, check your boy out man
Your boy got buisnesses man
I done came up on my own nigga
I'm a ceo nigga
Clothing line... cartoons, movies, name it nigga
Bullshit with rap if you want,
...I'm a big-boy-toy driver nigga
with unlaced airforce 1's with no license-
Holla at me nigga.
Yall can't tell me shit,
look at me now.

It's On Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Jay-Z)

[Beanie Sigel]
Bare witness to the greatest, can't beat us, join us
Keep heaters on us, wit red lasers
Now fair warning, sure shots wont graze ya
We hug corners, play blocks like Gators
With bundles on us, serve tre's like waiters
It's the life we chose to hustle
Can't stop it, can't knock it
Half the profit get flown out Vegas
Me and my niggaz try an' break tables
Stack chips like Connect Four
While you prick's try and whip try and stretch more
Charge less for, that ain't the program
Get ya lessons from the snow man
Like Pillsbury I get the doe man
I'll off ya head for a slice of bread
I keep my word and I'm true to my peeps
Give me a bird and my crew gon' eat
I'm over the stove like (Cuban Links)
Breakin' down (Cash Money) like (Baby) do
You niggaz soft like baby food
'Round the world niggaz pay me dues
While you niggaz sing the same old song like Sadies do
Grown man nigga, baby who?
I'll send you shots from the baby zoo
Old game like Grady fool
Propane flow flame you dudes
No name's don't claim ya shoes

Once again its on nigga, Sigel hard like corn liqour
I'll take you out this world like you was born nigga
Butt naked covered in blood, gaspin' for air
Clingin' for dear life, nigga you dead right

Since you was a baby coward
We been sprinklin' the world with baby powder
(So Fresh and So Clean)
Been an outcast since I was a teen
But I outlast cuz I outblast anybody you bring
Young, you got it the prophet I told ya'll niggaz
Then I showed ya'll niggaz, you (Can't Knock It)
Don't get carried away, you a mute nigga (mute nigga)
Where was you nigga? I was doin' this here like Mary J.
Like (Every Day), and was true nigga

[Beanie Sigel]
They can't question what we do Jigga.

Once again it's on, Young run through you niggaz
Like a glitch in the computer nigga
I'm the shit, I'm a sewer nigga
This is Jay everyday, no days off, Ferris Bueler nigga

[Beanie Sigel]
B-Sig' Fred Kruger niggaz
Nightmare ?? nigga
You scared cuz I grew with Jigga
He said "Sig' you that nigga," couldn't see his vision
But then he drew the picture, like a compository sketch
Yeah Sig' stay honest I'll deposit you a check
There's a secret society, all we ask is trust
No G money shit all we gots is us
True indeed, yes, more better, yes
More cheddar, S.P. chain, jeans and sweaters
Movies, cartoons, labels, etcetera
Fill in the blanks and drop blocks like tetris or
Get off the block, run south with M. Betha
From my block to your block, shout out to M Extra
Who the fuck (fuck) want (want) what (what)
None of you niggaz is B-Sig' word I'm done with you niggaz

[Beanie Sigel]
Once again it's on, fuck it we ain't through wit niggaz
Twin towers here to ruin niggaz
You couldn't break up the towers with Tomjanovich
or Osama bombin' shit
We slay niggaz wit K's, we the drama men
Get it right young scrap don't even try it boy (boy)
You rather slide down the razor blade slidin' board
I'm a live wire, hoolahoop barb wire
Run through hell with gasoline draws on
You can't mute me put the pause on
My guns shoot like fast-foward's on
And dress cute when the war's off
What you doin' dawg, you playin' wit it
You make your bed right you layin' in it
You keep your share tight you stayin' in it
You bringin' niggaz where your kids sleep
I sing to niggaz while the kids sleep
Rock-a-bye muthafucka.
I hope you high muthafucka.
Ready to die muthafucka.

Who shot ya? Seperate the weak from State Prop' the
Kids who squash beef and run them streets

Once again it's on nigga, bring the drama to ya lawn nigga
Tell ya mama bye-bye, get ready to mourn sista, it's a
See what you got here's a full blown twister
You nothin' but hot air, it's not fair
The reason why we lead the pack, this is a marathon
You start off fast then you weezin' in the back
So even if I slack, I got enough lee-way
To put out The Reason by the Mac, Philadelphia Freeway
And I'm back, without leavin' I'm here, but you can't see him
I gave you the Blueprint but you can't be him
So no matter what you been told or the records you sold
Deep inside you know that it's only one Hove
Young Vito, voice of the young people
If my life is a movie then Sigel be the sequel
We bring it to your door with Bleek peekin' through your peek hole
And don't get scared nigga, alert ya people

[Beanie Sigel]
Once again it's on

Wanted (On The Run) Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Cam'Ron)

[Running] [Breathing]

[Beanie Sigel]
Wanted, 100 miles and runnin'
Through the rain and the sunnin, when them feed folks comin
Keep your head up youngin', gotta keep ya heads up youngin'
The streets'll give your head up youngin'
Listen, flip your con 'tacs, stay focused like contacts
Your head's open for a contract
Can't go where mom at, the last place you wanna bring the dram at
The first place they gonna track I promise
Can't relax, but remain the calmest
Couple rules that your play by, stay by, stay live
You keep your boots on your laces tied
And only troop on the late night if you play right, you stay right, right
You never play the day light, jakes get on your tail
Never let them see the break lights
Catch me if you can when I'm dippin from the cops
Mr. Gingerbread never falling victim of the fox

[Chorus:] Wanted: Dead or Alive [2x]

[Beanie Sigel]
Wanted, but you can't stop runnin'
With a price on your head, be prepared to gunnin'
Don't be scared like the Red Coats comin' nigga
Stay underground and keep runnin' like Tugman
You can't sleep, not a peep, no slumber
Man I sleeped about a 100 hours rest this summer
No stress when your dealin' with the running
Waking up in cold sweats, pissed scared of the rumblin'
Fuck it, just prepare for the trouble
Don't be shit scared nigga with your head undercovers
This not a broad threat, I got something for 'em
On the steps with two tecs, this is not a warnin'
Nigga they close like camera flash
When the hammer blast, put on your State Prop camouflage
Crack the box or the avalanche, put on your Montana mask
Get to clappin' like it's Pakistan
What every strap, cause an accident
Make a traffic jam, dodge all the traps you can, keep runnin'

[Chorus:] Wanted: Dead or Alive [2x]

All you got to say is hide me, I ride free
I be, the one to change your birth, S.S., or ID (I got all that)
Ain't no more hangin' with the Y.G. State Prop
No Roc, private dock, incase you need an IV
No more Bent', that's Accord money, 420
Schemes can't afford money, money yous award money
Whether 90 or the first degree, any murder in the first degree
Well be the third degree, and they looking for the perjury
If you ain't merk the g, perfectly, you'll be in surgery
Take the seed out the nursery, nurse him at the precinct
Give 'em desert, that ain't where he deserve to be
And I went through this personally, certainly
3-2 for burglary, now it was referred to me
So they play us in no way, know way
Blaze up the roadways, A.C. and O.J
Read the paper, eggs and OJ
Call CD head of the O'Jays
That's a gipsy caps, risky all the chips we had
45 flee-flicker, we niggaz, hit the gas
When the operation go stale, ain't no jail
I did my whole album on bail (That's the truth )
I got you mac mittens, I send them a black ribbon
Attached to Mac spitten, I can't go back prison

[Chorus: Wanted: Dead or Alive (2x)]

"The Reason" (2001)

Nothing Like It Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

I'm just a picture in a frame
man, I paint word pictures on the canvas of life
but I don't control the colors

Yo, I'm ten steps ahead of niggas, that shit scary
sometimes I feel ahead of myself
I hear this voice in the back of my mind
like "Mac maintain, just grind, dog, better yourself"
So what I do?, I take heed and pick up the pace
can't explain it when I pick up my son & look at my face
I'm like a black rose growin' in the concrete crack in the pavement
there that voice go again "Mac practice for greatness,
get paid for them immaculate statements"
Keep thinkin of them hotlines, like a physic, I can't explain it
There's no pen when I write it, there's nothing like it..

God damn, what you want from me, what you want me to tell you huh?
Niggas thought that I would stutter huh, thought I was dumb

But I ain't used to use my mind, I used to just... use my 9
and run wild with my boys, in the streets wild with these wars
now the Qu'ran and 48 laws, they polish my floors
I'm moving niggas like puppets with no strings attached
It's nothin' for Beans, so you know it ain't a thing for Mac
to look in your eyes, see through your heart, know what you fearin'
pick you apart, like you niggas is transparent
(I see right through you niggas)
It's like Mac was born with advanced parents
I'm like the Sun shining at night,
imagine it dog, I know you wanna see me gradually fall
but I'm walkin on air, braking every gravity law
nothing like it...
I spit words that skip through air
let the words of a true thug hit your ear,
it change colors like blue blood when it hit the air
it's nothin' like it...

God damn, shit, I can't explain it
Fuck y'all niggas

I changed my whole life.. in about 9 months, just like sperm in a womb
these young niggas never learn 'til they doomed
try to tell them "you can burn young punk, without smelling the fuse"
make you shiver in the middle of June,
paintin' pictures so vivid, you can hang it up in your room
shine bright like a prism, displaying colors like Crayola
think of the prisons with straight soldiers
think about the niggas who fucked us and played over us
think about the mothers who suffered and prayed over us
Just look at the the picture I've painted, it's so perfect
open your eyes motherfuckers, you can't duck us
no survivors every soul shall suffer,
I'm loadin them revolvers every shell shall touch ya
I promise I'll light your ass with these mags, I'ma bust ya
God damn it's nothin' like it, I'm serious

can't explain how I write it..

Beanie (Mack Bitch) Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

You know my name, bitch
Uhh.. yeah.. hold up
The streets gave me heat, and the Eagle was the thing that they gave me
It's the rap guerilla that still clap.. fucka
Yeah, guess who's back?

[Verse 1]
Mack, bitch - I move blocks and pounds
I move out with small blocks from towns
Move out with small glocks and pounds (uh-huh)
And I take everything to the table bag and rock it down
Fuck who watchin now; the neighbors, they in pocket now
Fuck you haters cop some pocket now
When it come to coke you cant outwit me, mine cheap
Bout to take over the city of Philly like John Street
Nigga ask all y'all fiends, they call me Chef Boyar-Beans
Beanie Crocker, cook coke proper
Right amount of flour siffin it up
Coke spots runnin by the hour shiftin it up
Graveyard shifts, move packs in bundles
Braveheart kids, use gats don't rumble
Gorilla niggaz goin ape in this concrete jungle
Banana clips'll make them monkeys humble

BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEEEEEEE! Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEE, BEANIEEE - Sigel was the name that they gave me
BEANIEEEEEEEE! Yeah, but guess who back

[Verse 2]
It's Mack, bitch - uh-huh, back in the mix or the scuffle
I'm in the hood with them chips like Ruffles
Boxman, Frito Lay, for that free dough boxin
You will lay, nigga I'm not playin
Listen, whether I make cash or take cash
I'm in the hood eatin with my dog like when we break-fast
B's on the hood and the wheel and the brake pad
Sheeit when I skate past, bitches shake ass
I sit four-thirty deep in wheels
You bout, four-thirty cheap in wheels - small Benz
Look at your small rims, small wheel, small grill
Big Beans, sittin in Bentley my heart peels
Zero to sixty so quickly how you want it? You can have it
Drop top, stick shift, automatic
Back wheels still smokin
64 still rolling, 3 wheel motion, it's ferocious


[Verse 3]
Mack, aiyyo
On the low doe (shh!) the whole city is mine
I'm trying to flood the whole city with dimes (yeah)
I'm in the kitchen yeah, with that vision wear
Get them digits clear you can come and get them pigeons here
Niggaz talk about the crack game slowed up, BULLSHIT
You switch to hustle when the rap game showed up (uh-huh)
While you wastin your time spittin the rhymes
I'm gettin mine spittin them rhymes, but still pitchin them dimes
And the spot still sick with da grime
Glock 26 nigga but I'm sicker than nine
I'm live with the pound, small silencer calmin the sound
Stick with the seven, strickly smith with the seven (shit)
When I drop back and cock back
And pop that, I'm poppin for keeps -
I'm not gettin stopped in the streets
Imagine that a nigga tryin to rock Mack
Only nigga did it was Jay and he did it when I signed the contract

[Chorus - 2X]

So What You Saying Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Memphis Bleek)

[Chorus - Scratching w/ Background voice]

[Beanie Sigel]
Aiyyo Memph what's wrong with these niggas man?
These niggas ain't sayin shit man
These niggas on mute man
I'ma make you blind motherfuckers feel some real

Aiyyo the guc is here dog I'm back to work
I took time off a couple niggas had to get hurt
Due to the fact they wack and wasn't strapped
Packin they gat, now they layin' flat
In six in green (you know wut i mean?)
Man I need a new gat for that
Yo, I'm the coke copper plus the rock chopper
Down wit M. Bleek, the Marcy prock clocker
One wreck, the other destroy
And with that bullshit vest on, I'm killin' your boys
I don't play when it come to yae
I cop cook and collect my dough in one day
Book rock and collect my dough at one show
False looks, Memph let one go from the floor

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo, yo
Well I'm known to be the master in the M.C. field
Oh-oh got respect, oh-one I still
Tote guns to the show and then I jet wit a hoe
Bitch niggas want to front and get clapped
Get on the floor, clap a second time
And make sure I flat-line you
Let a whole round go, hit niggas behind you
See the gleam on the glock, know the beam on top
Get shot, popped, and drop, yo the team is the Roc
As I glance at Mack, a-k-a B-Sigel
Know we comin' with the macks and the extra Eagles
I'm not playin, you dudes know what I'm sayin'
I make a call to my dogs, them niggas comin' through sprayin'
What you sayin?


I'm puttin heads to beads, gun straight out the box
B-Sige, I put up all the roofs and glocks
I'm not playin, see these guns that I'm sprayin?
Twin sub oozies, can't budge or move me
Nickels stay chubby, smokers never choosy
Don't gotta yell up the block, they come to me
Packs with colorful tops just like coochies
New jacks with they pack they like, who he?
I'm not playin, knock them things off quick
Got game still think off shit
What you say?

With a partner like Sigel, don't come a dime a dozen
We could be brothers, we better known as cousins
As we climbed the chart with who the fuck want what
My hood to your hood, we showed the world crew love
Who wanna play with that Roc-A-team?
Know that I tote that thing that knock sixteen
You walk around talkin' this and that
How I sound like Jay and all my records is wack
But when I dropped the LP, niggas thought it would fold
Thirty days later, Coming of Age went gold
What you sayin?


Now party people it's time for this question
No knock knock, who's that? who's there? or who is it?
It's the M-A-C-K
Yes the gun clapper, the duct tape, rope, black mask and kidnapper
The flow dope, the beats just blazin
Like Luther Vandrow says, yo 'I am so amazing and I've been waiting'
For a sucker to attack the cat with two gats
Yo Bleek, you got my back, show 'em how we do

Yo, I fight fire with fire, I make crews retire
I spit 9 to 5 nines, Bleek for hire
Your crew murderize, see the guns that I'm bringin
In an all out battle, Bleek come out swingin'
Memph the type of nigga that'll spit off quick
Biggs push the Benz and we spin off quick
Take a sip of the Cris pour the Belvy with lime
Crack the Arma del Lope and then I'm goin for mine
So what you sayin?

Get Down Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

[Scratching]..."get down"
This Philly cat back with them blackmatics
Pop up with the gun in ya crib fa the fun of it
[Scratching]..."get down"
Two guns you know, desert eagle, streetsweepers
It..Its in the blood!..Mac Pain!....Click BOOM!

I'll smack you in the grill or you'll feel the 45 harding
45 yards of football stitches, look ya'll bitches...(Black)
bullets in and out the same spot
turn you so skinny you can, in and out of rain drop
skinny like a smoker in and out of cain spots
hook, drop, dry coke in and out the same pot
Mac with the block could hustle at any cause
ran through bricks like Nitsie Russel and Lady Boss
(man)..Tricky hustle, quick to bust you 380 toss
You cant escape hell, 357 with 8 shells
38 long six shots
get ya shit stopped, get ya clique got
get ya strip hot, you could get swat
you could get cops, niggaz get ya shit mopped
hit ya block with two semis and say gimme
lay everybody down on the ground and take plenty
this four pound make you lose pounds and get skinny

[Scratching]..."get down"
This Philly cat back with them blackmatics
Pop up with the gun in ya crib fa the fun of it
(Scratching)..."get down"
Two guns you know, desert eagle streetsweepers
It..Its in the blood!..Mac Pain!....Click BOOM!

This Philly cat back on a mission, out the kitchen
back at it, playing with blackmatics
one Mac eleven, one seven
a line up four buck tears for one bredren
leave three basins of tears from one widow
50 cars back to back with stick-up windows
hollow points clap from Mac sittin' em in you
nurses gotta cut ya back getting out you
disable niggaz get staples and shit patch you
shift over ya liver and able to reroute you
leave you niggz tubes and cables to spit out through
you know the rules of engagement I gotta out you
(shit) you want it dog? We can gun it out
spit it out, have ya fucking stomach sitting out
dig this when the shits on, get gone
I'm rated PG, pull on-get gone

[Scratching]..."get down"
This Philly cat back with them blackmatics
Pop up with the gun in ya crib fa the fun of it
(Scratching)..."get down"
Two guns you know, desert eagle streetsweepers
It..Its in the blood!..Mac Pain!....Click BOOM!

You know Sigel play with them eagles, niggaz don't get tagged
Throw bullets out them dirty birds like McNabb
Bunch of niggaz where ya corners at
Get a whop, take a quarter back, bring a half back you do the math black
Aint no warnin' black, when Im wearin' black...mask
Over the braids two nines like Warren Sapp
Bring prosperity back to the hood like Buck Jay
Turn ya block to slump day, who want gunplay?
All you niggaz pennies add up to one dollars
Hollows holla, first class trip to satan with flyer mileage
Guess who the pillot?..DOA Airlines, dead on arrival
Flatline you, no survivers they cant find you
Like Kennedy Jr. you kidding me Jr
You way out ya league
Slow up pump ya brakes shorty, I'm ya way out ya speed

[Scratching]..."get down"

I Don't Do Much Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

Hmm, shit, I don't do much
Y'knawmean? Smoke weed, fuck bitches, huh
Get paper cuts from countin money...
I just be chillin, y'knawmean?
Menage trois, knawmean? Quadrupla trois...
Y'knawmean? Shit I don't do much
All that shit, what you expect man?

[Verse 1]
Yo, I don't do much, you know Mac stay sucker free
So please don't fuck with me
You don't really want war
You don't really want the heat from the four
You don't really wanna eat out a straw
Man you niggas is broke, y'all niggas aint got no cash
Man you niggas aint got no stash
Where your wheel and your rims?
Motherfucker look at the heel on your Timbs
Nigga your walk and your talk you niggas is ass
Shit, I don't do much, you know Mac, lay in the cut
In the 'telly somewhere layin a smut
Champelly, purple hayin it up
Front row A layin it up
Or in the kitchen prob'ly weighin it up
Or in a mission prob'ly sprayin shit up
Niggas playin too much
I try to chill but they be sayin too much
But you know they dont say it to me
They don't play wit me
You shit where you eat, you might as well lay in your pee

Shit, I don't do much
I don't do much
Shit, I don't do much
Y'knawmean? Fuck...
Fuck, I don't do much
I be chillin man, I don't know about y'all though
Shit I don't do much

[Verse 2]
I roll a L, go in the booth
Spark it up, start blowin the truth
I don't do much, I smoke weed, pop pills, sip water
Fuck it, keep it real, keep steel, give orders
Suckers, give out halves, squrrlies, y'all call it quarters
Youngun, take this eightball, cuz you take long
And please, don't make me use this eight long
Cuz you could get all six up in your acorn
And trust me...
Y'all don't want that
Y'all don't want Mac to snap on you cats
You don't really want no problems
You don't layin under your squatter
You don't want me fire bombin your house
You don't want me duct tapin your mouth
Better yet, pourin lye in your mouth
You don't want me smackin up your kids
You don't want me layin up in your trash
Poppin up, then I'm poppin your ass
Cuz you won't do shit

I don't do much
Shit, I don't do much
Y'knawmean, I just be chillin I be smokin man
I don't be thinkin about y'all niggas man (I don't do much)
Y'knawmean, I be chillin
Shit, I don't do much

[Verse 3]
I just chill up in the middle of the block
Watch my younguns make a killin on the block
Tell 'em watch trucks who be wheelin through the block
Get shot, get shucked with vans chillin on the block
Shit, I don't do much, I just chill and relax alot
I don't hustle, I just tax the block
Shit, I don't do much, I just roll out and play wit tools
That make you faggots obey the rules
Shit, y'all don't do much
But drink 40's, look dumb on the block
Damn near 40, still runnin from cops
Y'all don't do much
Y'all niggas aint stackin no cash
That shit you pack got a crack in yo' ass
Y'all don't give a fuck, y'all gon' get cuffed
And I'ma laugh when y'all get stuck
Shit, I don't do much

Heh, y'knawmean, y'knawmean?
I don't do much
I don't give a fuck man, smoke weed, get high
Fuck bitches, that's my biz (I don't do much)
I don't do much
Y'knawmean four pound?
Shit, I don't do much
I don't do much
And I don't give a fuck

For My Niggaz Lyrics – Beanie Sigel (feat. Daz Dillinger)

Ayo! Light that shit the fuck up man!

Y'all niggas get ready to get high!

What we doin in here y'all, huh?
Everybody partyin, smokin, bullshittin
Drinkin, c'mon

This for my niggas on the east coast rollin
Tinted up Suburban, in the streets swervin
All my niggas in the street wit caine
Muh'fucka which street you claim? Put your glock up
This is for my niggas on the west coast bouncin
Six-four rollin, three wheel motion
All my dogs on the block just loc'n
Nigga put your rag up, playa put your flag up

[Verse 1]
B Mack in the mix again, I'm startin shit again
I'm in the club with the fifth again
West coast niggas sippin gin
East coast niggas Belvedere, cranberry nigga mix it in
I'm in the back where it's dark as hell
Shit you know me, VIP, nigga spark the L
And I come to roll a ounce or more, bounce wit whores
Shit all my niggas strapped what all the bouncers for
Whether deuce or Sig on Crenshaw Ave
I'ma, get them bitches, get that cash
I'ma, hit them switches, lift them spokes
I'ma, push that chicken, get that coke
I'ma, rock them dickies, Air Force Ones
Til the, feds come get me air out guns
From the, P H I LL Y, to the, L B C to C P T, uh


[Verse 2]
I'm on the block til the pack get sold
Don't pack just roll
Hit L.A. like Shaq and Kob'
Nigga please, got trees Aculpulco gold
Got connects with the heat got the gats on hold
All my niggas vatos locos holmes ese's
SA's with SK's a fuck if the cops come holmes
That's right fuck coppers holmes
We bust choppers holmes
We on the block sent them choppers on
Twenty niggas wit they khaki's creased
That'll clap police, that sling crack on the back of streets
Or twenty niggas on the back of blocks
That sling caps and rocks, who won't hesitate to clap the cops
Whether I, push the truck to pick up clucks
To get they feathers knocked off, then they get dropped off
From pickin up bitches, hittin switches
St Ives to Ingbing I'ma do my thing, yo


[Verse 3]
All my playas who rock tan trees and chuck tails
Say fuck they PD's and duck jail
Rock wife beaters with the plaided shirts
Only top button buttoned, ready to buck somethin
You fuckin wit a gangsta rookie
Don't gangsta lookie
Shoot up your feet make you gangsta boogie
Shoot up your jeep if you gangsta look me
What you think this sweet? What you eat, nigga gangsta cookies?
Call state to the Staples Center
The four quake'll put staples in ya
Nigga zip up your stomach
Rip up your younguns, make you pay to get 'em
That's how we play to get 'em, never pay for pigeons
Whether I, push the truck to pick up clucks
To get they feathers knocked off, then they get dropped off
From pickin up bitches, hittin switches
St Ives and Ingbing I'ma do my thing, yo


Yeah, (I make 'em walk)
Beanie Sigel and that nigga Daz Dillinger (and Kurupt)
Dogg Pound Roc La Familia (Dogg Pound)
For life, do it like that, put your hands up!
Make them switches bounce nigga
California put your hands up nigga
Jump over the moon, I wanna hear the gate start to twitchin nigga
Don't play no games fool
And walk on 'em, yeah, and walk on 'em
Uh, and make 'em walk, yeah, my nigga Beans...
Bouncin, bouncin...

Watch Your Bitches Lyrics – Beanie Sigel

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be was a gangster...
(Watch your bitches!)

[Verse 1]
Hey yo I walks like a pimp, talks like a mack
Spit lobster and shrimp, you could tell by the hat
Gators and flavors, colors like now & laters
Split champagne wishes to bitches, trips to Vegas
Jot down numbers on small pieces of paper
I got ya, skate, watch these bitches catch the vapors
Breaks down doe over a hoe?
Spend my chips over a trick?
I don't rock no masquino shit
I don't know know labeled me no trick
Biatch! You should pay me for dick
All I'm gone do is fuck you crazy
Bust a couple nuts, get lazy
Bust another nut, it's Swayze
Tell your ass don't page me, see you when I see you
You need doe for what? Wouldn't wanna be you
Yeah I'm a break you off, after I stroke you off
When I break you off, biatch! That's when I broke you off
Tell your ass get lost
Only thing I'm gonna pay for, is to be the boss
Can't see me giving no skee's my cheese
Tell 'em like they tell Bean's, I got four seeds to feed
Till I fuck you and some change fall out of your ass (watch your bitches!)
Biatch! Ain't nothing changed, I'm all about the cash

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey yo I walks like a pimp, talks like a mack
Spit lobster and shrimp, you could tell by the hat
Gators and flavors, colors like now & laters (watch your bitches!)
Leave you jelly like fishes
Niggas watch your bitches

[Verse 2]
You know Mack pop fly bitch
No Jonny Gill 'round my bitch
Bye Bye bitch
Fuck that red dress on, get a head step on
Speed on 'for you get peed on
When I piss, I don't miss (Shit)
Get mad, scratch your ass, and get glad
'For I, scratch your ass and get Glad-bags
Throw your shit out on the trash
B-Mack, pimp-slash
Hustla, muthafucka!
But, back to the sript
When I'm twisted off that sip
You know my twist, Mack on that lick
On that super hero juice but could handle my cake
Quick to throw bags, zams, and cakes
Cocktails come banana and grape
Yellow and purple, everything mellow in your circle
Feeling like metal can't hurt you
Got that pro meth 'itch (Watch your bitches!)
Keep a hoe in check quick off that pro meth shit

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey yo I walks like a pimp, talks like a mack
Spit lobster and shrimp, you could tell by the hat
Gators and flavors, colors like now & laters (watch your bitches!)
Leave you jelly like fishes
Niggas watch your bitches

[Verse 3]
I don't gotta play games and chase a hoe
Spend cheese, say please, and lace a hoe
Man, all my bitches know to SUCK me off and hit the door
Especially if I hit before, They know the rutine,
Dick to jaw, I don't give a bitch shit but game
And spit that like Rudy Raymoore
Man my whole squad play on tours
That's all we do is play on whores
That's up to you if you pay for yours
I might let 'em run around in the apartment
Just don't steal shit or spill shit on the carpet
You know the address, apartment 3F
Find you, fuck you, and flee, and my man Bleek next

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey yo I walks like a pimp, talks like a mack
Spit lobster and shrimp, you could tell by the hat
Gators and flavors, colors like now & laters (watch your bitches!)
Leave you jelly like fishes
Niggas watch your bitches